We are developing educational and entertaning games for kids.


Have you happened to have nothing interesting to engage your bored child with when sitting in traffic or standing in queue? Have it been your experience to have an urgent business and need the kid to play on his or her own for a while? GoKids! offers a modern solution: educational and engaging games on your smartphone.

We realize that an app is not able to make up for a real-life game. But parents want every moment to add up to their children's development. This is exactly why we make sure that our smartphone games do a world of good to kids.

For you, we have developed 11 apps either of which is able to teach your toddler something new. While you are driving or cooking, your kid will learn colors or numbers, or piece together a colorful jigsaw puzzle.

Each app is a whole new world for your young explorer. Toddlers will love calling an elephant or a monkey and listening to animal sounds. Older children will enjoy connect-the-dots games, curious to find out what the final picture looks like.

The apps you download on your phone will help you out in any place, whether at home, on the road or at a friend's house. And we will keep on developing along with your children: after considering the feedback from parents, we will release even more colorful and engaging games for your kids.