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ABC for kids - learn Alphabet

ABC for kids - learn Alphabet is a FREE educational game for your toddler! Your child will learn the correct English and Spanish pronunciation of vowels, consonants and syllables, figure out how to draw letters and what words start with this or that one - everything will be in the form of alphabet games. With the cheers of praise and candy medals, young learner is unlikely to get bored.

For moms and dads it is the best way to help their kids learn the letters, while for kids it is a new playground instilled with entertainment and happiness!

Kids game: baby phone

More than 7 millions downloads!!

"Baby phone" is an engrossing educational game for young children. The app will help parents turn the ordinary smartphone into an entertaining and exciting children's toy. The young player will be introduced various animals and their best sounds, while taking the opportunity to learn numbers and play a fun button-hitting game.

Learning Shapes for kids

"Learning Shapes" is an educational game for young children. A portal to the color; shape world, the app helps to build the skills and knowledge of your child in a playful manner. The young player will be taught to distinguish between different shapes and apply that knowledge in real life.

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